AMC Orders Pilot for DC/Vertigo's "Preacher"

According to sources at Badass Digest, the empty holes in peoples hearts and TV schedules left after Breaking Bad and Mad Men on AMC may get filled with gore and blasphemy. Some recent tweets by Seth Rogan also have been considered confirmation of his ties to the project.

Looks like about seven of years of hard work are about to pay off. I may get to bring one of my favourite stories ever to life.
- Seth Rogen (@Sethrogen) November 16, 2013

Arseface. John Wayne, The Saint of Killers.
- Seth Rogen (@Sethrogen) November 17, 2013

With the success of The Walking Dead as a live-action adaption, I'm sure the folks over at AMC were not against exploring other popular comic book properties. The fact that they have gone with Preacher is all shades of courageous and amazing. By taking on the disturbing title by Garth Ennis and Steve Dillon, AMC will be doing what no networks have had the balls to do to date.

Turned down by HBO in 2008, who sweat like hookers in church at the idea, Preacher was deemed not only too violent, but too controversial for television. But like anyone who has read Preacher will probably tell you, if parents and religious groups aren't pounding down AMC's doors with death threats when the pilot hits, then they ain't doin' it right.

Preacher touches on religious subjects with no subtlety, and presents stomach turning situations like it gives no crap. I want to see people outraged, and I want AMC to not give a rats arseface too.

Preacher is about Texan preacher Jesse Custer, who is accidentally possessed by an infant spiritual creature named Genesis. Genesis being the product of an angel and a demon getting it on. Oops. Upon doing so, Jesse gains the power of "the word" of God which gives him the ability to make people obedient to his will. All he has to do is give the word.

Needing to know answers and to find the God who was apparently sleeping on the job when Genesis was born, he buddies up with his gun-toting ex-girlfriend Tulip, and an Irish vampire named Cassidy to accompany him on his journey across America thats' filled with lots of terrible messed up stuff.

As it is an adventurous road trip story, this definitely works as a show, which could always get a movie spin-off from there. I also could see fans of the show Supernatural liking this if they want a more gory, uncensored, screwed up version of it with meat humping, face rip-offery, and uh..... THIS strange sheep situation below...

I also just want to put out there, that considering there was a Walking Dead #1 that sold for 10,000 on eBay, maybe now is a good time to hit the marketplace and pick up some original Preacher comics before things possibly get batcrap crazy. Or sell and or CGC a copy you already have. I'm thinking of getting my #1 CGC'ed, but its not that great of a copy. Meh

If you've always wanted to get into Preacher, now is also a good time to pick up the Preacher - Volume One TPB before people start charging rip-off prices as well.

How do you feel about a Preacher show on AMC? How do you feel about a Preacher show in general? Share your thoughts and ideas here, or join in the discussion on the Facebook thread


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