A New Marvelous Muslim Superhero - Ms. Marvel #1

With female superhero series circling the toilet for years, or already flushed, Ms. Marvel #1 bursts into action, with a fresh, new character, Kamala Khan.
She's not the blonde-haired, blue-eyed Carol Danvers type you know, but an adoring fan following Danver's career when her life changes forever.
Kalama is a somewhat typical teenager that younger readers can relate to… except with polymorph powers that allow her to alter, stretch and grow parts of her body, naturally. When Kamala came into realization of her new abilities, she adopted Ms. Marvel , the former name of her idol Captain Marvel and set out to make the world a better place.
What makes Kamala special aside from her amazing abilities, is that she's not only a female solo book act, but a Muslim character getting her own, high-profile series.
Kamala immigrated with her family from Pakistan to New Jersey. With a father who wants her to study and become a doctor, to her mother who's greatest fear is her daughter having sex and getting pregnant, she deals with the teenage drama of coming of age and finding yourself in a home full of their own expectations for her. Throw in a new found super power with dangerous heroics, and it's not only a physical and mental struggle, but a struggle of faith as well.
It is sometimes a challenge for people to live in a world that causes conflict in their beliefs and religious morals. How much of this will be tested in Kamala when sometimes to save the day, you need to crack a few eggs? Cultural diversity was always something that Marvel has incorporated into their Universe. Being that the Marvel Universe has a lot of characters based in NYC and the tri-state area, it makes sense that their Universe would be a melting pot as well. Mixed ethnicity characters like the Ultimate Comic's Spider-Man, Miles Morales have been extremely popular despite the initial uproar.

Marvel's creative team for the project expects backlash of both people who are anti-muslim, as well as muslims with positive as well as constructive feedback on how they would like Kamala to be portrayed. It's always a concern that a wonderful idea with great intentions may come out seeming stereotypical and forced.

While Kamala is not the first or only Muslim character at Marvel, she quickly has become the most high profile one by donning the moniker of Ms. Marvel. Other Muslim characters include M aka Monet St. Croix, Dust aka Sooraya Qadir, Justice aka Josiah al hajj Saddiq, Faith Shabazz and several others from this list.

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