Michael B. Jordan Confirmed as Human Torch Johnny Storm in Fantastic Four Reboot

After many months of rumors, it seems that the 2015 reboot of The Fantastic Four by Twentieth Century Fox has their Human Torch in one Michael B. Jordan.

Chronicle director, Josh Trank, must have taken a shining to Chronicle actor, Michael B and the pair are reuniting for the Fantastic Four reboot.

Other casting rumors for the film include Kit Harington, Jack O'Connell or Miles Teller for Reed Richards... along with Kate Mara, Margot Robbie and Saoirse Ronan for Sue Storm. Although, I have not heard anything mentioned for The Thing yet.

The Fantastic Four (2015) is directed by Josh Trank, produced by Gregory Goodman, and Simon Kinberg with writing credits going to Kinberg as well. Mark Millar was also hired as a creative consultant. Other writing and producer credits are listed as well. See full credits here.

Since many classic comics were written in a time when the industry was primarily Caucasian (and/or somewhat racist), I am not against re imagining characters as different ethnic groups in movies to be more politically correct / versatile / or however you want to look at it. Although, I often question which characters get the makeover and why. Nick Fury for the Marvel movies = cool. I mean, it's Samuel L. Jackson, so we can't complain too hard! My only gripe was changing the comics to reflect the movie in the non-Ultimates Universe, but whatcha gonna do?

Characters like Johnny Storm aren't defined by their race. You wouldn't make Banshee Egyptian, or Gambit Mexican, because they are particularly known for being Irish and Creole. I have no idea what ethnic group Human Torch is, actually. Even if it was mentioned, it's not a huge part of who he is, so making him black is no big deal.

But why Johnny Storm in particular? Also, why one Storm and not the other? All actresses rumored to be Sue Storm / Invisible Woman are Caucasian, so does this mean that these siblings won't be blood related? Is Johnny or Sue adopted, or are they interracial? Also, is it a big deal if they are adopted and not blood related? I can't say that I am a super Fantastic Four fan to have strong feelings on the topic, so how do you FF readers out there feel about it?

I do feel like they should be blood related. So if it turns out that one of them are adopted, why not opt to change another character instead? The Thing could have gotten the change, or even Doctor Doom. But since Johnny Storm is a very cool and likeable character (who is also popular with the ladies), I feel like this is why he gets the makeover.

I always get happy-cool feelings when there's neato Greek actresses or characters in comics and movies, so I get it. It'll give minorities, especially the little kids who the movie will be marketed to, those same happy-cool feelings and help sell a bunch of merchandise. It's NOT a bad thing at all, but I also feel like it's just to get some cheap, positive pop towards the movie. I hope I don't sound racist! Don't beat me up.

Honestly, I think Fox makes crappy comic book movies anyway, so I'm already anticipating I won't dig it even if they hired the most perfect cast in all of the land. Man, I am SO bitter and hard to please when it comes to some comic book movies. Am I the only one who fell asleep on Man of Steel?


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