New Lobo Design for DC's New 52

BEHOLD! The redesign for Lobo, intergalactic bounty hunter and ruthless mercenary!

While the world was crying out to DC against Ben Affleck, I sadly stared at this image. I just didn't understand the transition. Where is the inspiration from the original design?

Sure, when Lobo first appeared, he was kinda whack looking.... but it was the 80's, what do you expect? In the 90's he was ressurrected and came back as a burly, surly, bad-ass, cigar puffing, biker dude. The Scourge 'o the Cosmos. The Main Man. The Ultimate Bastich!!

But as I look at this sad image, I think he might have given up the bad-ass biker dude business, and decided to join a metro-sexual nu-metal rock band?

I feel like I need to have a drink for my pal, Lobo, and pour some out for him too.

This one's for my homies who can't be with us no mo'.




The new design makes no sense to me. It's like giving Wolverine or Death Row Marv a boy band makeover.

Coincidentally, this week I had another experience which made me wonder... what is happening to the modern male?

Seemingly gone are the days of the attractive, scruffy, broad shouldered man. Standing in his place, are scrawny, super well kept, pretty boys with eyebrows and fingernails better than mine. Why is the new generation of men coming up, just not manly? And who is this design supposed to please? The teenage girls who think that girly-boys are sexy nowadays? I feel old.

It doesn't even take inspiration from the video game Injustice: God's Among Us, which came out recently. Why not reflect some of that video game Lobo-ness into the comic book as well?

This new, sleek and smooth design reminds me of a modern day car. Which to quote Death Row Marv, "look like electric shavers". He looks like an underwear model... not a violent, alien, bounty hunter.

It makes me wonder if they are going to change his backstory? Or am I just going to be lead to believe that this guy actually annihilated the rest of the Czarnian race? I don't know. But I know if I saw 90's Lobo rolling down the street, I'd crap bricks.

Guys, I'm a hater. What do you think of the new design? Need to check out the book first? What's going on?

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(UPDATE - Turns out its not a reboot of our Lobo, but the "real' Lobo who had his indentity stolen by the Ultimate Bastich. I don't care how bad ass he is, I can't wait until our Lobo comes back and steals it again. Bwahaha)

Lobo was created by Roger Slifer and Keith Giffen. Lobo's first appearance was in Omega Men #3 in June of 1983

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