Bob's Books 6/5/08

Another Wednesday has come and gone. Some good stuff is out and some stuff is just lacking. Spoilers ahead.

•Buffy the Vampire Slayer 15 – Buffy is gay. That and the Slayers fight a horde of vampire werewolves. This book is sweet. People die, change, and develop. I so recommend this series.

•Batman Detective Comics 845 – This is such a refreshing book after reading that R.I.P. crap. Catwoman is back in town and she breaks into the batmobile to chat it up with Batman. She is so not feeling Batman’s recent flings with Jezebel Jet and Zatanna. The Riddler also shows up too. His turn from kind of lame villain to lame detective is perfect.

•House of Mystery 2 – I like the direction this book is taking. The story is getting ore and more filed out. Now the interesting part is that there are side stories of monsters and woe. Yeah I said woe. The main characters are unique to put it mildly and the supporting characters are more so.

•Justice Society of America 16 – This book is one book that DC should be quite proud of. It has been dead on from the beginning and has not looked back. GOG is back and walking about, but that aside… Black Adam is back! YAY! I love me a good villain and Black Adam is the man.

•Nightwing 145 – This is weird. Ra’s is coming back and his daughter is trying to build an army to protect her from his wrath. He’s a wrathful kind of guy. The rest of the main Bat guys show up and I like it when this is done.

•Robin/Spoiler Special – This is a filler to the return of Spoiler. Explaining the time away and the drama between her and Robin. It’s a really good book put together and helps add depth to the current status of Robin.

•Supergirl 30 – She wants to feel special. Awwww. Anyways all teasing aside, this just further shows the differences between her and her cousin Kal. Which is good because I Superman double would have been horrible.

•Trinity 1 – I was worried this would be a load of crap. You can’t blame me for thinking this after Countdown. It wasn’t full blown crap but it wasn’t 52 either. It could go either way though. Especially with a huge cosmic event In the works. I don’t know honestly, I have been distrustful of DC for a bit now.

•Witchblade 118 – The current arc comes to an end and it was an ok ending. Sara kicks ass and gets Dani her blade back. There is more depth added to the villain oof the story and he isn’t killed off. So expect him to return.

•Avengers/Invaders 2 – This book is kind of a let down. It is the same old story told again. A misunderstanding and after a fight we are lead to the surprising revelation that the New Avengers will be involved. Come on. Next!

•the Invincible Iron Man 2 – I didn’t expect to see the villain take on Iron Man this soon. I don’t see this as a great series, not yet anyways. Marvel should take the Batman method and use different books to show different aspects of Stark. Instead we are shown the same old stark with the weight of the world on his shoulder. Dude should suck it up already.

•Nova 14 – This book can’t do any wrong it seems. I mean people have taken on the Heralds of Galactus since way back, but here it is somehow fresh.

•Secret Invasion 3 – I don’t know about this issue. I mean it was ballsy to see Jarvis on the Sinking Carrier but Damn. I might go so far as to say too much is going on. I also find myself second-guessing who is and who isn’t a Skrull.

•Ultimate Origins 1 – This is why the Ultimate Universe rocks. You can have Wolverine, Kingpin and Fury all hanging out in WW2 and not have it intrude on any classic origin or story. A young Universe can be messed with and not piss of Pete like R.I.P. did.

•Young X-Men 3 – I really wanted to like this series but after 3 issues I find it lacking and quite frankly I have no idea what the hell they are up to. We have the New Mutants who are now part of the Hellfire Club. Donald Pierce who just doesn’t know how to die and I think he was in X-Force too. Then we have a “traitor” in the team too. Too much.

•Grimm Fairy Tales 27 – Who would of thought you, could turn the Three Blind Mice into a creepy story. This was a good read. The art again is nowhere near as great as the covers, but nowadays that’s too common. Unless the stories turn rank I see myself on this series

•Tales From Wonderland: Mad Hatter – Another one-shot from the series. I like this series more then the regular Grimm Fairy Tales. The hardcover just came out and I impatiently await the TPB. The sickness level is just way up when it comes to Wonderland. Zenescope is one special Publisher.