Neato Rocket Raccoon, Guardian of the Keystone Quadrant Figure!

Rocket Raccoon! Guardian of the Keystone Quadrant

If you don't know, I'm a big fan of Rocket. I love animals, and this one walks, talks, shoots ginormous guns, wears a little peacoat type thing and pilots a starship IN OUTER SPACE. It just doesn't get any cooler than that. I live for this stuff.

I'm a Big Kid

While Rocket comes in a boxed set with Drax The Destroyer and Star-Lord, I just bought him separately on ebay. I knew if I bought the box, I wouldn't want to open it. While I do open and play with a lot of stuff, there are a decent amount of figures in my closet still in the box. I really should get around to showing you guys my stash one day!

Although, I would have bought it if GAMORA was in the set. Why do females get no love? Do little boys not like to play with figures of sexy green aliens, or what??

Rocket is way too cool to be a prisoner of cardboard and plastic. I'm glad someone set him free and put him put him up for auction. Come to me, my furry, rabies infested little guy! You're so cute, with your widdle feet and puffy tail.


The figure doesn't have much in the way of articulation. His head moves up and down, but his arms and legs do not move at all. His tail also spins around at a 360 degree angle, and he needs it to stand. If you point his tail up, his legs will not be able to balance the figure.

If I was a kid, I'd be pretty annoyed (I mean, it annoys me a bit now), but considering I'm only going to pose him a bit and mostly have him on display, it's okay. I could get one of those tiny hair rubber bands and tie the gun to his arm to keep it from going anywhere if I wanted to play with it.

The gun doesn't hold tightly in his hand. The stock of the gun needs to be on the inside of his body, not the outside, with the butt resting in his armpitt. That seems to keep it the most steady. If you want to put the gun in his hand and play around with him, it will fall out. So it really defeats the purpose of it being a playable "action" figure.

On another note, I saw a picture of this figure online and his mouth was articulated to open and close. His gun was also different. Apparently it is part of the build a figure from Marvel Legends. Collect peices of Rocket by buying other figures. To heck with that, eBay here I come.

(Marvel Universe - Guardians of the Galaxy - Hasbro)

Also included in the Galactic Guardians boxed set is Groot!! He's a little thing. Looks like hes just starting to sprout up. It would have been cool if Rockets arms moved, or if there was some way for him to carry Groot, but alas.

Rocket Raccoon made his first appearance in Marvel Preview #7 in the summer of 1976. Although, Incredible Hulk # 271 in 1982 is also mentioned as his first appearance. It's likely that he had a small thing in Marvel Preview, but went on his first real adventure in Incredible Hulk.

He's always doing Captain stuff, spacey type thangs, and guarding the galaxy. He's the man. Want to know more about Rocket and things that galactic guardians do? Check out my suggested reading list!



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