Music Fit for a Geek

It may be Friday, but it's raining like there might be ark buildery in order, so I have no plans to step outside. I got my pizza delivery, some comic books, and some geeky tunes jamming in my ear drums.

What is this geek music I speak of you say? Well, it involves songs that have lyrics about pop-culture, comic book, video game, fantasy, sci-fi, and all that good fandom stuff that we are suckers for. The genre is known as 'Filk', and it's been around for quite a long time!

While the music might have been around longer, what it is known as today has roots in early sci-fi and fandom conventions during the 1950's. People would get together in hotel rooms after a day at Con for folk circles and creatively jam out in good fun.

In fact, Filk is actually a typo of "Folk" which ended up sticking and gave name to this geek musical movement.

I stumbled upon some geek rock while looking for punk and rock music in general, which is what I listen to the most. This is when I discovered Kirby Krackle. They made me giddy. I felt like I was in some kind of nerd club that only certain people were allowed in because not everyone would be able to catch what some of the songs were about. Not all songs are clearly labeled and you have to listen to the lyrics to know who/what they are referencing. It was just a whole lot of fun and I'm so glad I discovered them.

While I dig and find more rock and punk stuff, there are other songs inspired by other types of music from hip-hop, electronica and even country if you keep your ears peeled. I will say, that Kirby Krackle DOES have a nice range of styles from punk, to general rock, reggae and funk. They dont stick to one sound, and that's awesome.

Kirby Krackle - Ring Capacity (Official Video!)

Kirby Krackle already has three albums out and has recently announced their fourth one (Sounds Like You - Kirby Krackle) due out in July. I'm totally down! I hope they do a tour and come tomy area, I will SO go.
             Self Titled (2009)E is for Everyone (2010)Super Powered Love (2011)


Another band of mention is Ookla the Mok. Name sound familiar? You know Ookla The Mok as the hairy, sasquatch looking, travel companion of Thundarr in the Thundarr The Barbarian cartoon way back in the day.

Ookla (the band) seem like an odd bunch of fellows, and I'm down with that. They also have really fun songs, and I like to listen to feel-good music. Too much music out there today sucks donkey testicles. I just cant get down with dub step, pop, or today's rap, man. I'm too old school, so filk, is something I can get down on because it speaks to my geek with no worries of wondering what the hell happened to hip-hop or why everyone uses robot voices on their songs. 

Check out this here playlist of some of my favorite songs by Kirby KrackleOokla the Mok, and some other isolated geek inspired songs.





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