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Winter Soldier 15- Writer- Jason Latour, Artist- Nic Klein
It briefly gives the background behind Bucky Barnes as the Winter Soldier.
A few issues back, Black Widow was kidnapped by an old soviet operative and now many of her memories, any and all concerning Bucky, have been erased. In this issue, there is a hydra agent in deep cover working for S.H.I.E.L.D. He’s been working undercover for 30 years. 30! Is it even still considered undercover after 30 years? There’s a connection between this guy and Bucky, because well, Bucky killed the love of his life. That aspect does not really seem relevant because there is never a confrontation between the two of them about it. This guy ends up losing his mind and out of the blue blows his cover and starts to shoot up a hyrda party. Nick Fury asked Bucky to go handle it, which he does. Nothing special about the issue. If you like the esionage like quality of James Bond and the cold war, Winter Soldier is a cool book. This particular issue appears to be a stand alone and none of the events inside it appear to be needed for any future storylines. It basically illustrates Bucky’s character and how much he cared for Natasha. With her memories gone she’s has good as dead to him.

Superior Spider-Man 3 Writer- Dan Slott, Artist- Ryan Stegman
A Spider-Signal, really?? I’m glad that the idea of it was mocked and then immediately destroyed. I also assume that that was a not-so subtle jab at Batman and DC. This issue, overall, I liked better. There was not as much Peter the Friendly Ghost barking at Ock in every single panel. The fact that they can access each other’s memories is good too. I feel that at the end of this whole thing, Otto is going to be transported to another body and actually become a hero, wanting to do right. And then they’ll have Superior Spider-Man as a spin-off title. I’m convinced now that a member of the Sinister Six is going to realize that Spider-Man is actually Otto Octavius. Ock is going to end up blurting something out that only he and that other person is going to know.
I understand the need to keep Peter alive and involved in the story, but I still rather they get rid of that talking subconscious/ghost bit. What they should do is, Peter should try and surface into Ock’s thoughts in an attempt to take over, Ock should fight him mentally and then Peter goes away again, kind of like how they did it in Heroes with Sylar and Nathan Petrelli. Many people stopped liking the show after Season1. I agree, Season 1 was the best one, but I liked it to the end and was sad to see the show end.

Detective Comics 17 - Writer- John Layman, Artist- Jason Fabok
Very Good.
The League of Smiles storyline ends in a very Scooby Doo, pulling off the mask type of ending, but it was good. Dr. Meredith used to be a psychiatrist at Arkham, but then resigns to go into private practice. It’s there, that he meets all of these new patients obsessed with the Joker. He decided that treating them is impossible and opts to use them to carry out his private business (killing the divorce lawyer of his ex-wife).
He uses his skills as a therapist to manipulate his new team into thinking they’re on some Joker-crusade. I really like the idea of maniacs wanting to emulate the Joker and carry out insane crimes in his name. Dr. Meredith ends up being sent to Arkham by a former colleague who appears to be suffering from the same Joker-obsessed inflictions. The next story line is Penquin related.

All New X-Men 7 - Writer- Brian Michael Benis, Artist- David Marquez
I’m hanging on at this point because of the art. Since the first issue, present day Beast went back to when the initial X-Men team were still young and decided to bring them to the present day where Cyclops, Magneto and a handful of others are running wild.
Mystique tracks “young” Cyclops down and convinces him to confront HIMSELF, the “older” version of himself. It’s all very lame and this story arc needs to end. It’s been going on now for seven issues and enough is enough. Bendis has good ideas for stories, but he doesn’t know how to just get to the point. Pages and pages of Mystique talking to young Cyclops. Two pages would suffice, you don’t need so much conversation in there; it’s a comic book, not a TV show.