Deadpool: The Webseries

Wolverine Origins may have turned your hope for having a live action Wade Wilson as you know and love him into a soggy and moldy chimichanga, but Chris R. Notarile's and Blinky Productions Inc's Deadpool: The Webseries will begin to fill the black hole that formed upon witnessing such a monstrosity.
Currently on Episode II, the series is full of the action packed Deadpool fun we know and is completed with his unique fourth wall breakery. In one case it was done Zack Morris style, which I totally appreciated.





While the voice of the merc's mouth is acted by the Director himself, the physical role of Deadpool is played by Damian "Dragon" Vargas, a professional wrestler and performer on the independent circuit.

You can also find Damian co-hosting the Dream Elite's #1 radio show, "Nerd Herders" every Friday night at Blog Talk Radio. It's made by dorks like us, for dorks like us, so tune in! It's a really great fun-filled show with lots of fan interaction.


Each episode of the Deadpool web series has the right amount of randomness that you would expect from a Merc with a Mouth series that will leave you saying "WTF" while you repeatedly facepalm yourself and giggle.

I wrote this whole thing, and was about to attach the trailer when I find that the episodes must have been so awesome, and gaining so much attention that Marvel/Disney caught wind and the series had to be removed today. Also removed were some really cool Daredevil and Punisher fan films. Blinky Productions is non-profit and all a labor of fan love. Perhaps with more positive feedback and support, something can be worked out to make this fan film removal temporary.

These days, fan films have to be lower scale. Anything that intends to be officially unofficial and have an IMDB, may be asking for some trouble. The series was a good idea, and you probably need it in your life. The fans that were able to catch the show before it was taken down have spoken, and put together this petition. With enough voices protesting chimichanga in hand, maybe an agreement with Marvel could be made. If not, hopefully Blinky Productions can come up with some kind of private outlet where fans can still enjoy it without any marketing or advertisement.

You NEED the Deadpool series in your life, I'm telling you!!

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