Bob's Books 5/16/08

It’s been an interesting week. DC and Marvel go head to head in space and Batman is heading to the grave. Marvel also works with the French, Soleil Comics to be more precise.

•Batman 676 – This begins the much-awaited R.I.P. story arc. So far I could care less for this series. Too much foreboding and a really crappy looking set of villains dominate this book. The gem of this book is the Joker though. He is written and drawn in a truly incredibly evil way.

•Batman Confidential 17- We all know that Batgirl is now Oracle the wheelchair computer hacking super heroine. We all miss the Original Batgirl. This issue was great. Batgirl and Catwoman first meet and it was a hot mess.

•Gotham Underground 8- It must suck to be part of the Bat Family. I mean no one can truly match up to Batman. In this issue he shows us why.

•Green Lantern Corps 24- I don’t see this book doing any wrong anytime soon. I mean it’s possible but how can you screw up something this hot. Mongul is now using the Black Mercy plant in a huge way. They even manage to throw in his origin in a cool way.

•Superman 676- Don’t know what to say about this. JSA’s Green Lantern shows up and helps out a young Superman. It was ok.

•Titans 2- What the hell?! It’s the 90’s come to haunt us. Cheese and all. I don’t see how this book is going to be taken seriously.

•Wonder Woman 20- She is not being used in any good enough way to be put up there with Batman and Superman. That’s the damn truth, and I am a fan of Simone’s work.

•Project Superpowers 3- This book tries to hard and quite frankly has too much going on.

•Anita Blake Vampire Hunter Guilty Pleasures 11- Damn long title for a book. It’s finally coming to a end one more to go.

•Guardians of the Galaxy 1- This is such a great book. The action and humor of it would make bad art forgivable, but the art is good too. Watch the show because I am sure we will praise it some more.

•Secret Invasion Fantastic Four 1- No surprise to see that certain skrull in the end of this issue. Sad to say though, this is better then the regular book.

•Skydoll 1- This book caught my attention when I somehow some where read about it being critically acclaimed. I can see how it would be. The world that exists is something else. It has a big ol’ Mature Content label on the cover but one would barely notice the need for it. This book pokes some major fun at religion and society.

•Thunderbolts 120- I have been missing out. I need to go and get the previous 4 issues that began the story arc. God stuff.

•The Twelve 5- it sucks to be awakened 50 yrs into the future. That’s what this book tells me and that is all I am really getting from it.

•Wolverine 65- What a weak ass ending. I mean having Mystique and Wolverine going toe to toe and her holding her own was nice but the ending was weak.

•X-Men Legacy 211- This legacy crap needs to end and soon. I am not feeling this anymore. It was cute but now it is getting annoying. Either start revealing major secrets or get back to a team.