Dorks and Dolls: Dead and Drippin'

Meet Dead and Drippin'. Model, fashion designer, and comic nerd straight from the grave to you. But don't let the whole dead girl thing give you a creepy, musty vibe, she's totally fresh.

DnD started modeling the moment it became legal for her to do so. Lucky for us she didn't have to wait that long to start doing her thing. Dead and Drippin's thing includes a variety of unique looks and styles ranging from punk, goth, glamour, fashion and more. Whether it be modeling your clothing, accessories, hair products/styles or shoots just for fun, DnD will successfully rock it for you.

Most recent modeling projects include Earth Mona (an accessory company who specialize in recycled and sustainable jewelry) and HatchetGirlz (a widely known novelty business within the Juggalo community) as a featured calendar girl for 2012 (and '11!).

Of course, if you can't tell from these pictures, she loves comic books too. Although she's always been in touch with comic books via cartoons and movies, she's only been collecting and reading comics for a little over a year now.

Comic books are addictive as we all know, and she found herself diving right into it. Being that she's a little offbeat and wacky herself, it's no surprise that her favorite character is Harley Quinn. Part of her attraction to Harley comes from the fact that they are both originally from Brooklyn, NY!


See more photos of Dead and Drippin' shot by myself, Penelope Dreadful Grey, over at my FLICKR GALLERY

Now you are acquainted with the cemetery girl herself, Dead N Drippin', whom is available for your next project. Don't be shy and inquire at DEADNDRIPPIN.COM. Also LIKE on FACEBOOK.

I hope you enjoyed the first installment of Dorks and Dolls. Know another cool, creative, New Yorker, who could be featured here? Model, artist, crafter, etc? Shoot me a line at




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