Bob's Books 5/9/08

OK, we have another week and another set of books. Most of them are good and most of those were from marvel. Surprised?

•Buffy the Vampire Slayer 14 – I love this damn book. It does not take itself seriously and yet it does too. You love the characters and the way they interact but it isn’t a soap opera. I would so recommend this book to anyone.

•Conan 50- Damn series has ended. Only to return in June as Conan the Cimmerian. This series was great for fans of fantasy and sword and sorcery lovers.

•Action Comics Annual 11- I didn’t like this book at all. The art seems like it was rushed and the story was so overdue that I only remembered the storyline half way through the book.

•Batman Detective Comics 844- Good stuff. Batman’s rogue gallery is great and they just grow with time. The new ventriloquist is sick. And having Zatanna kick game to Batman is also great to see.

•the Exterminators 29- One more issue and it’s done. Another Vertigo book gets wrapped up and I will miss this book as much as I miss Y: the last man. Only Vertigo can make bugs cool for 30 issues.

•House of Mystery 1- I wanted a book to replace Y & Exterminators. I don’t know if this is it. There is no action and the concept interesting but needs to set roots and grow.

•Nightwing 144- Batman R.I.P. will hopefully do something better with Nightwing. He is in the middle of this thing with talia. A batman villain! He needs to be his own person. This is why Robin is the sure bet for the Cowl.

•Supergirl 29- I actually didn’t expect the ending. I liked it mind you but wow. DC just doesn’t know what to do with the characters.

•the Mighty Avengers 13- The avengers books are a must. Not only for secret invasion but just due to the quality. Once again Marvel is out doing DC. Nick fury was big back in the days. Especially during the whole Steranko era. He fell off due to everyone’s love with tights, but Marvel has made him cool again.

•Avengers/Invaders 1- Again old characters made cool again. It truly feels like they just came from the 40’s. This and the twelve is actually outdoing Project Superpowers. Go figure Alex Ross is involved in this one too.

•Cable 3- Why did I pick this crap up?

•the Invincible Iron Man 1- Its like part 2 of the movie. Give or take. Loved this book. I mean people I never liked Iron Man. Now between the comic and movie he's ok in my book.

•Logan 3- I could of done without this series. I mean Vaughan is good but in this story he was sub par.

•Nova 13 – Nova is the man! He steps up to Galactus! Who does that? Nova that’s who!

•Secret Invasion 2- Wow. Some interesting reveals a good semi fight and I need to go read this again just for the shear fun of it!

•X-Factor: the quick and the dead- Remember Quicksilver? The nut behind House of M and who also pissed off the entire Inhuman race. Well he is back and he has his powers again. He is seeking redemption and I so hope he doesn’t get it.

•Young X-Men 2- I love Terry Dodson’s art! Ok I got that off my chest so on to the book. It was cool to see a team training again. I like this in Marvel now. The future is being set with a whole set of young heroes. This book should lead the way, ok Initiative is but this book has potential.