Bob's Books 4/21/08

Well I know it, I’m late. But I blame the NYCC for it. That convention made me it’s bitch. Hell I called out sick, and I am actually sick! Well without further excuses, here’s my books.

•Batman and the Outsiders 6- I love this book. Or better yet the idea of it. It could be moving along a lot better but I guess they are just trying a different approach. All the characters and their interaction makes this a book that I won’t be dropping any time soon.

•Countdown 2- I am not talking about this book!

•Gotham Underground 7- I should of waited for the whole thing to end like danny is. Oh well, over all it’s a 7 out of 10. If this effects the regular DCU this would bring up the score.

•Robin 173- I like this book. It is the best book that shows the juggling of dual identities…of the bat family that is. The whole spoiler thing is also great. I mean I have no idea what to expect but I am looking forward to it.

•Superman 675- Damn. I was expecting a great book and all I got was good. It was a decent book showing how Superman is the best and all that. The Ross cover was great though!

•the Darkness 3- I am happy they explained how the Darkness learned to use his powers so damn well. It’s about time too. One would thing you could do more then just sick demons on people. All that aside dear old Jackie still has some crap ass luck. He isn’t Daredevil but he sure steps on his fair amount of shit.

•Annihilation Conquest 6- It was a good ending. Way to go Marvel! Nova stepped up huge and whooped some major ass and the new quasar was on point. I wasn’t a huge fan of Adam Warlock and his mystery powers but that will hopefully be explained in the new Guardians of the Galaxy.

•Avengers: the Initiative 11- Another good ending from the boys at Marvel. This series has been good from the get and I look forward to seeing how it goes on from here.

•Captain America 37- WooHoo! Damn good week whenever this book comes out. People reacting to the new Cap and we got Sharon Carter knee deep in it. After all these years it’s good to see this title on top.

•Captain Marvel 5- Damn. I won’t spoil this, but Damn!

•the Incredible Hercules 116- I like it when a different book so out there with Gods and all that ties in with the rest of the Marvel Universe. Good book. I was looking for Thor to show up but that hasn’t happened…. Yet!

•Powers Annual 2008- I am not happy with this book. Not one bit!

•Wolverine Origins 24- The damn arc ain’t over yet. What the hell! I liked the twist in the end.

•X-Factor 30- I like this book. The addition of Val Cooper makes me worried that they might be a government sponsored team again. I won’t like that.

•X-Men: Divided We Stand 1- What the hell!? I could of gone without this damn book. It might tie in with the other X books but it was basically $4 wasted.

•Grim Fairy Tales 25,26- The little Mermaid all sick and twisted. LOL I liked the idea and the art. Well the art was ok. I did expect a lot more but that was my fault. I will be picking up the next arc and the one shots coming out too.

Well that’s it for me. I need to get me some rest. I think I should post a Convention Survival guide.