How Old Was Larry Grayson When He Died? (2023) Cause of Death

How Old Was Larry Grayson When He Died? Larry Grayson was a famous English jokester and TV moderator, known for his colorful and camp persona.

He rose to distinction during the 1970s and 1980s with shows like “The Age Game” and How Old Was Larry Grayson When He Died Christmas Specials.” Be that as it may, his life was stopped by a sad occasion, leaving fans pondering the subtleties encompassing his passing. In this article, we will respond to the absolute most ordinarily posed inquiries about Larry Grayson’s life and passing.

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How Old Was Larry Grayson When He Passed on?

Larry Grayson died on January 7, 1995, at 71 years old. He was brought into the world on August 31, 1923, in Banbury, Oxfordshire, Britain.

Larry Grayson Reason for Death

The reason for How Old Was Larry Grayson When He Died passing was a cardiovascular breakdown. He had been experiencing a few medical problems, including joint inflammation, a heart condition, and diabetes, which added to his demise. He died at home in Nuneaton, Warwickshire, Britain.

When Did Larry Grayson Kick the bucket?

Larry Grayson passed on January 7, 1995, at around 10:30 pm. He had been in chronic weakness for quite a while, and his demise came as a shock to his fans and partners.

Larry Grayson Vocation

Larry Grayson fired his profession as a professional comic during the 1950s, acting in clubs and theaters the nation over. He turned into a commonly recognized name during the 1970s with his appearances on “The Entertainers” Network program. He proceeded to have his own Television programs, including “The Larry Grayson Show” and “Shut That Entryway.” He was likewise a normal host of “The Age Game,” a well known game show on the BBC.

Larry Grayson Inheritance

Larry Grayson’s inheritance lives on through his notorious expressions, for example, “Shut That Entryway” and “What A Gay Day.” He prepared for other LGBTQ+ humorists to come after him, and his impact should be visible in crafted by entertainers like Graham Norton and Paul O’Grady.


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