Play 8-Bit RPG Adventure by Studio 4°C for Free on Google


Opened my desktop today to see the Google logo was updated into a cute 8-bit graphic. I was intrigued, so I actually clicked it. I rarely ever click the Google logo updates! I was greeted by an anime-ish introduction, before being brought into an old school RPG style universe created in partnership with Tokyo-based animation STUDIO 4°C!



Over the coming weeks, join calico athlete Lucky as she explores Doodle Champion Island. An 8-bit world filled with a bunch of sporty mini-games. I LOVE mini-games. In fact, when I played Final Fantasy 7, I stayed in the arcade part of the game so long that I eventually lost interest in actually playing the rest of the game. Yes, I know, BLASPHEMY. I was a Final Fantasy 8 kinda gal, myself. Some of the mini-games you can expect to play against Lucky's tournament opponents are table tennis, skateboarding, archery, rugby, swimming, climbing, and marathon running.



It also wouldn't be an RPG without side-quests, so there's plenty of those too. Check it out, and return weekly for new adventures.