Don Carlos Bukidnon Video: What It Cutting Occurrence? Really take a look at Obscure Realities Now!


This article talks about the viral Don Carlos Bukidnon Video case subtleties and further the situation, including the gatherings’ character.

Is it true or not that you are mindful of the cutting episode of Wear Carlos Bukidnon, and for what reason is the case video getting viral on the web? Individuals share and generally talk about the episode in Wear Carlos and the viral video. The case is acquiring notoriety among web clients and is additionally used to recognize the guilty party’s character.

This episode occurred in the Wear Carlos of the Philippines. Analyze the post exhaustively and take a gander at the connections for additional direction about Don Carlos Bukidnon Video, which has as of late been viral via virtual entertainment. Remain associated for additional reports looking into it.


What is the Wear Carlos Bukidnon occurrence video?

Sources guaranteed that the occurrence happened on eleventh Walk 2023 at Wear Carlos Bukidnon, 9, Poblacion Sur, Purak 9, around 3 pm when a 22-year-old youthful school young lady contended with her beau. After the contention, the man lashed out and turned to savagery and wounding the young lady.

The Wear Carlos Bukidnon Cutting Occurrence video shows the young lady’s ruthless beating. Afterward, she was taken to the emergency clinic however was pronounced dead by the specialists. The episode was recorded on CCTV and spilled on the web, and individuals responded emphatically to the entire situation. The connection is accommodated further reference.

What are the new reports working on this issue?

The police authorities gave their authority explanation in the media. They passed that the suspect had taken a stab at to get away yet was captured and is at present under the capture of the police as a suspect in Don Carlos Bukidnon Video cutting video. The authorities further uncovered that the man was a fiend to opiates.

Who was the casualty of the wounding?

According to the sources, the casualty of the brutality is viewed as an undergrad Kimberly Achas who was 22 years of age, and the suspect is her accomplice Edson Campo Jamisula, a 27-year-old jobless man. The man taped and cut the young lady on various occasions.

What was the reason for the contention between the couple?

The entire contention warmed up when the young lady needed to breastfeed their 9-month kid, and the man declined to, bringing about the Don Carlos Bukidnon Video episode.

What are the popular feelings on the spilled film?

After the clasp spilled on the web, netizens communicated their disdain and outrage towards the man and abusive behavior at home. General society is requesting severe moves to be initiated against the individual capable.


The examination is continuous, and the suspect isn’t announced at fault for his wrongdoings. However, it is exceptionally improbable for him to be free, as the man should be visible in the video.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. When did the occurrence happen?

The episode happened on eleventh Walk 2023 at Wear Carlos.

Q2. Who was the person in question and thought in the episode?

The casualty is affirmed to be an undergrad Kimberly Achas, and the suspect is Edson Campo Jamisula, a jobless man.

Q3. Are the two players engaged with a relationship?

As per reports, both Kemberly and Edson were in a live-in relationship.

Q4. What are the examination reports?

Upon examination, the young lady and man got into a contention bringing about the man wounding the young lady.

Q5. For what reason is the Don Carlos Bukidnon Video getting viral?

CCTV film of the occurrence has been found and is coursing on the web.

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