pete's Basement Season 9, Episode 23 - 7.19.16

The Paybacks are back! That's right, one of Pete and Ramon's favorite books from 2015 makes its triumphant debut with Heavy Metal! From the minds of Eliot Rahal and Donny Cates, this series kicks off right where it left off under Dark Horse Comics. Hear what the boys have to say about the triumphant return of the superheroic repo-men! Also, the Incredible Hulk is dead, and Hawkeye is taking life lessons from Dr.Kevorkian! The Marvel superhero community is at each other's throats, and the Basement Crew is here to tell you why you should care...or not care. Hal Jordan and Nightwing make their Rebirth debut, and there's a Chinese Super-Man running around! Or flying around, I guess. King Kong's origin, aliens, magic and the mob, Conan, and squirrels! Squirrels! With spears! Hit the play button!!

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