Pete's Basement Season 8, Episode 42 - 12.2.15

Pete and Ramon hit the roundtable for a double-sized episode of The Basement Show! Hey, whaddya expect -- the boys got two movie trailers and two weeks worth of book to talk about!! Right off the bat (no pun intended), it's a detailed discussion about the Batman v Superman trailer! Our first look at Wonder Woman! How did the fellas feel about Eisenberg as Luthor? And Doomsday!! Or is it Doomsday? The Basement has a theory you'll want to hear. There's also talk of the Civil War trailer, as well as the Flash/Arrow crossover episode! And don't forget the comics! From Dark Knight III to Venom in space! From the All-New Inhumans acting like they're all new X-Men - wait what? There's Spider-Man and an all-new Hulk in town. Just hit the play button and see for yourself...

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