Pete's Basement Season 13, Episode 1 - 1.16.20


Despite a few minor setbacks, Pete, Ramon, and Greg are at the roundtable with reviews of the Locke & Key trailer, New Mutants, and uhhh that other one. Plus reviews of all the comics that dropped over the holidays, like Donny Cates’ new Thor series, IDW’s Kill Lock, Image’s The Clock, and Marvel’s Incoming (hold your ears and shield the children for this one, Basement Buds!)
All that and comic giveaways too! We announce the winners of all our trivia contests!
Grab your popcorn, drinks, and even yourselves if you wish - no actually don’t do that - just hit the play button!

EDITOR'S NOTE: The better quality episode FINALLY finished rendering!!

ORIGINAL EDITOR'S NOTE: It’s the first episode of the thirteenth season of The Pete’s Basement Show! And just our luck - the camera bugs out! And then, after procuring the video through a Facebook download, and editing it beautifully, Final Cut freezes while rendering! Great start to the season fellas! So, please, please excuse the shittyass audio and video on this. I did the best I could, while still trying to get this episode up in a timely manner. -- Perplexed n' Pissed-Off Pete

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