Pete's Basement Season 12, Episode 22 - 7.3.19

Greg brings his buddy Rob Do to the table, and Rob brings a bunch of whiskies for the boys to taste test! Everything from bourbons to Scotch, to a special edition Japanese Samurai whisky, the boys get an education while they drink. You don't wanna' miss this episode, as Rob, a seasoned whiskey veteran teaches the Crew all about the different grains used, how to properly smell your whisky, and even the reason behind age-dating that you see on a bottle of Scotch. Sprinkle in some Spider-Man: Far From Home speculation, what's in store for Phase 4 of the MCU, and where exactly does Keanu Reeves fit in, and some Martial Arts talk, and you've got yourself a can't miss episode! Hit that play button right now!

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