Pete's Basement Season 11, Episode 29 - 11.13.18

The Basement Boys finally breakdown Daredevil Season 3 in a spoiler review! Red is noticeably excited. Grant Morrison is back writing DC superheroes, only instead of throwing his hat into the ring, he'll be throwing his finger - into a Green Lantern ring, in a series starring GL favorite Hal Jordan. Zombies litter the road to salvation in Road of the Dead: Highway to Hell, and ancient gods propel spaceships into The Outer Dark. A witch's life gets turned upside down in Sex Death Revolution, Donny Cates concludes the fall of the Inhumans, Cullen Bunn reintroduces us to the insane world of The Empty Man, and Marvel Knights turns 20. It's a good ole' fashioned comic review episode! Hit the play button!

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