Pete's Basement Season 11, Episode 13 - 4.17.18

Age drops by the Basement to join Pete and Red for three weeks worth of comic reviews and a spoiler-free discussion of Ready Player One! The whiskey is once again flowing as Pete calls for comic fans the world over to champion the fight to help Stan Lee -- wherever, however, and against whomever that may need doing! Also, Pete has a unique take on the new Teen Titans ...costumes? Outfits? Whatever they are! All that and highlights from the last few weeks of reading, like the origin of Dracula in Brothers Dracul, the secret to Babe Ruth's success in Demi-God, the internet turned against you in Analog, the debut of the Red Goblin in Amazing Spider-Man, a new giveaway contest, and much, much more!! Hit the play button!

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