Pete's Basement Season 11, Episode 1 - 1.16.18

It's the start of Season 11 at Pete's Basement! The whiskey is flowing and the roundtable is ready to catch you up on 5 weeks worth of nerdy nonsense. Right off the bat, Pete flies off the handle about the Stan Lee allegations. No, seriously, this is some professional-level cursing. NOT for the sensitive-earred viewer. But then if you were the sensitive type, you probably wouldn't be watching the Pete's Basement Show anyway, so, fuck it! Have at it. The boys discuss the new Black Panther trailer, this week's premiere of Black Lightning, Star Trek Discovery, Vin Diesel as Bloodshot, fan-casting a Shirtless Bear Fighter movie, and a whole lot more! Get ready! Season 11 of The Basement starts as soon as you hit that Play button...

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