Pete's Basement Season 10, Episode 29 - 8.8.17

Internet trolls are grinding Pete's gears tonight as the rants about Zazie Beetz as Domino and #MakeMineMilkshake have really driven him over the edge. Amidst bodily harm and even death being wished upon people in abundance, there are some great comic reviews: Albatross' Galaktikon has the Cheezeburger geeking out over some guitar riffs. Elsewhere is a favorite of Ramon's, and Pete's rooting for the underdog in Mech Cadet Yu! What? You want more? Well how about The New Gods Special, Lark's Killers, Blind Justice, and Generations: Hulk name just a few of the other comics on the roundtable this episode? Go on - hit the play button. You know you wanna'.

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