Pete's Basement Season 10, Episode 22 - 6.20.17

Greek mythology is the order of the day as the Basement Crew loves Kill the Minotaur! What if James Bond had a bunch of illegitimate kids and they all grew up with seriously psychotic daddy issues? Find out in Jimmy's Bastards! Steve Niles and Alison Sampson take us on a cross-country horror trip in Winnebago Graveyard, complete with chest bursting demon spawn! Ramon gives his review of The Mummy, we've got some more comics, and the boys raise a glass to Adam West. Rest in Peace, Batman. Not to mention we've got a clip of Year of the Locust's newest music video, "Movin' On," which we're gonna' play for ya towards the end of the video! You can check out the entire video here: What are you still doing reading this?? Hit the play button!!!

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