College Park Mayor Arrest: Details of the Arrest Case of the Mayor of College Park, MD and the Reason Behind It. The Mayor of College Park, MD Was Arrested – Learn More About Why?


The article is about the hot topicCollege Park Mayor ArrestThis article contains all the essential details related to the arrest.

Do you know about the recent stories from Maryland? Are you interested in knowing the latest news regarding the arrest of the Mayor? To know the complete investigation of College Park Mayor Arrested Read this article in detail. Everyone in across the United Statesandneighbouring countries is stunned to discover what the reason behind the detention of Mayor. Let’s look over the report.

Details on the Arrest

College Park Mayor Arrest, Recently, the Mayor of College Park, situated in Maryland, U.S., was charged with distribution and possessing images of sexual obscene content and films featuring children. The next day, the mayor resigned at the end of the night following business hours. On the Thursday following, Prince George’s County Police were able to arrest him. Patrick Wojahn (47 years old) has been on the Council since 2007 and has held the office since 2015 after he was elected as the Mayor in College Park MD.

Facts About the Complaint Filed

College Park Mayor Arrest,On 17 February 2023 the police were informed of an inquiry that was referred to the National Center for Missing. They abused children and discovered that a suspect account was used to post content that was not allowed to be uploaded to missing children on the social networks. After conducting an investigation, it was discovered by the police that this suspect media account is controlled by Patrick Wojahn, the Mayor of College Park (now former Mayor).

The following Tuesday the police began searching for evidence at Patrick’s house in response to a warrant of search. They discovered evidence connected to the criminal acts. On Wednesday, Patrick voluntarily removed himself from his position. On Thursday,College Park Mayor was arrested.

Charges on the Ex-Mayor of College Park

College Park Mayor Arrested, Wojahn is accused of being in possession and disseminating explicit pictures as well as videos featuring kids. He was charged with 16 counts of disseminating such content as well as 40 charges of possession of explicit and obscene information. The investigation is in progress and the accused is currently being held in detention.

A photo or image of the resignation letter submitted by Patrick Wojahn to the council has been made public. Following the resignation, the position of MayorMayor is now vacant. City Council is prepared to organize a special vote over the course of the next 65 calendar days for the post ofmayor. College Park MD. Tem Denise Mitchell will serve the post for the time of presiding officers.


College Park Mayor Arrested, The Mayor of College Park, Maryland, was detained for the distribution of and possession materials that are sexually explicit. Patrick Wojahn was arrested on Thursday.Within hours of being taken into custody the mayor announced his resignation at the office. This evidence was discovered by the police at the residence that belonged to Patrick. If you want more information visit here.

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College Park Mayor ArrestedFAQs

Q1. Who was the Mayor of College Park, Maryland, U.S .?

ans. A 47-year-old identified as Patrick Wojahn has served the position of Mayor since the year 2015.

2. What has transpired to him over the past several weeks?

The answer. The police took the suspect into custody on Thursday following the investigation.

3. What are the accusations concerning his character?

Analyse. He was charged with having explicit material that could harm children and distributed via social networks accounts.

Q4. Which institution was the first institution to alert to the police?

ans. National Center for Missing and Exploited Kids has alerted police to the incident.

Q5. Why was the College Park Mayor Arrested?

The answer. He was detained after explicit photos of children were shared on social media, as well as the account that was owned by the person accused.

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