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Peruse merged realities inaccessible somewhere else about Christian Chavez Suicidio to become familiar with its causes and the way in which Christian was saved.

José Christian Chávez Garza is a famous vocalist, musician, and entertainer. He is a Mexican vocalist with a colossal fan base in the US and Mexico. He was at first a piece of RBD music bunch, which was begun in 2004 as a Mexican Latin pop gathering and sold more than 15 million records before their division in 2009. In this manner, he was a piece of the top rated Latin music gathering ever! Then, for what reason did Christian Chavez Suicidio?

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For what reason did Christian endeavor self destruction?

The miserable episode of Christian endeavoring self destruction traces all the way back to Thursday, tenth October, 2013. Christian posted three pictures on his Twitter account connected with the self destruction endeavor. Two pictures show multiple cuts on his right hand and blood coming from them. The third picture shows Christian laying on the floor in the wake of drinking.

In any case, Christian didn’t pass on. Oneself incurred wounds for his hand were not profound cuts. Thus, Christian made due. Around the same time, the photos became a web sensation, and a portion of the sources on the web and twitter pages informed that the photos were phony.

Answering deluding news, Christian posted a video on Twitter and YouTube. Christian said that the pictures were genuine and he had endeavored self destruction!

Purposes behind endeavoring self destruction:

In 2013, Christian uncovered that he was going through difficult stretches and was worried. In 2013, Christian was captured for abusive behavior at home with his beau, Ben Kruger. Both were living respectively in Beverly Slopes. Their separation was excruciating for Christian.

Christian needed to go to a progression of court meetings where Kruger blamed Christian for endeavoring to kill him. Simultaneously, Christian blamed Kruger for abusive behavior at home. How about we check Rbd Photographs further beneath. Following a month cruised by, Christian delivered a melody committed to his ex, Kruger.

Later in 2015, Christian, on a Television program, said that he endeavored self destruction since he was losing his qualities; he had a frustrated outlook on what his family had imagined about him and where he stands now; he felt useless, similar to trash.

During the Program, Christian likewise uncovered that – Anahí Giovanna Puente Portilla, a cast individual from RBD, upheld him during this times and caused him to comprehend that genuine companions and siblings never leave your life.

At the point when Anahí saw the Christian Chavez Suicidio pictures on Twitter, she acted the hero of Christian, tore open that entryway, and saved Christian. He recalled Anahí irritated Christian for his demonstration.


Christian’s vocation self-destructed when he was in his 20s! He had a poisonous relationship and lost his standing when his vocation was at its pinnacle. It brought about pressure and an endeavor to self destruction. Christian is alive and made it to moving news subsequent to posting electrifying pictures with a decent constitution in 2021 and as of late gotten a proposal to rejoin RBD!

Were insights regarding Christian’s self destruction endeavor instructive? If it’s not too much trouble, remark underneath on this article about Christian.

Frequently Asked Questions

1Q. What is the time of Christian?

Christian is 39 years, 7 months, and 3 days old.

2Q. Who are the guardians of Christian?

Luis Chavez is Christian’s dad, and Oliva Garza is his mom.

3Q. Is Christian Hitched?

Indeed, after marriage between a similar orientation became legitimate in Canada, Christian wedded William John Murphy in 2005. However, they isolated in 2009.

4Q. Does Christian have any children?


5Q. What is the identity, ethnicity, and religion of Christian?

Christian is a Mexican. He holds Mexican citizenship and is a Christian.

6Q. How much is the total assets of Christian Chavez Suicidio?

$1.3 million.

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