Ramon's Review - Captain America: The Winter Soldier

I was wowed!

Those three words could easily be my review, but they wouldn't do it justice. I was so worried at the amount of footage shown on trailers and special sneak peeks. Still wowed.

The story is superb. The actors were all on point. I mean, they made Batroc cool! I never thought I would say that in my whole damn geeky life!!! GSP was perfect. Robert Redford was just whoa! He stole all the scenes he was in, and they weren't small scenes.

The addition of Falcon was awesome. Please keep in mind that I do not care for the character in the books. Here, he was perfect.

Truth is, the geek in me found only one problem with the movie. Whenever hit by a bomb, or the Winter Soldier, Captain America grimaced really hard. He didn't when Thor hit him with Mjolnir. We all know I'm a Thor fan. What's up with that?! Ok, I'm biased here.

I recommend this movie to ALL!




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