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Butch Casey Murder, A triple murder committed in Miramar in 1994 was recorded by a home security camera. The tape was then transferred to a VHS tape. This episode of Investigation Discovery’s will air on February 1.

This remarkable 22-minute video captures the entire crime from the moment the two home invaders broke through Casimir Sucharski’s back door in the early hours of June 6, 1994 to the moment they fled out the front, leaving three bodies. Below in this article include information you need to about Butch Casey Murder.

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Butch Casey Murder

Sucharski, also known by Butch Casey had just returned from a late night at Casey’s Nickelodeon in Hollywood with two female guests, Sharon Anderson, and Marie Rogers.The scene was captured by a video camera that was placed in Sucharski’s living room.

The footage then turns violent as two armed men, both hiding their faces behind clothing, storm into the room to terrorize the victims and spend several minutes torturing them. They also seem to be searching the house and asking questions about Sucharski.As they lay on the kitchen floors, the intruders shot and killed all three.

Pablo Ibar and Seth Penalver

One of the murderers walks straight in front of the camera moments before he leaves. This stunned investigators, who would otherwise have few leads.

One of three Miramar residents was shot in 1994. The killer walked past a security camera and exposed his face.

Police charged Pablo Ibar, and Seth Penalver within a few months with the murders.After several trials, convictions and death sentences, and many appeals, a jury declaredPenalver innocentand released him.

Pablo Ibar was sentenced by a Broward county jury on January 19, 2019.He was sentenced to life imprisonment and spared the death penalty months later.

The crime and its long-running court drama were featured in the first season ofFlorida, a true-crime podcast produced at the South Florida Sun Sentinel.

Where is Pablo Ibar now?

Both Pablo and Seth were arrested and brought to court. They both insisted on their innocence, and pleaded not guilty. Their first trial ended with a hung jury.Their second trial saw the result change. Seth and Pablo were convicted in first-degree murder. They were sentenced to death in 2000.Both men appealed their convictions and Seth was granted a retrial in 2012.The court ruled that there was not enough evidence for Seth to be convicted beyond the reasonable doubt.He wasacquittedall charges within the same year, and released from prison.

Pablo Ibar was given aretrialin 2019. He insisted on his innocence again. However, police found that the shirt they recovered from the crime scene contained the suspect’s DNA.Pablo was convicted of three counts of first-degree killing, two counts each of robbery using a deadly weapon and one count of armed theft.The judge sentenced Pablo to three life sentences without parole and an additional 60 years for his other 2019 charges. He is currently being held at the South Bay Correctional Facility, South Bay, Florida.


Two masked gunmen broke into Casimir “Butch Casey” Sucharski’s Miramar, Florida home on June 6, 1994.They killed Casey’s Nickelodeon owner, Sucharski, as well as his two nightclub dancers, Marie Rogers and Sharon Anderson.

Cybergenetics Chief Scientist, Dr. Mark Perlin, testified on December 20, 2018 about TrueAllele match results.After deliberating for twenty two hours over four days on January 19, 2019, the jury found Pablo Ibarguilty in the three 1994 murders. Visit the link to watch the video

Butch Casey Murder FAQs-

Q1-When did ButchCasey Murder?

Asn – June 6, 1994

Q2- Where did Butch Casey Murder?

Ans- Miramar at Florida

Q3- How many peoples died in this case?

Ans- There are 3 peoples died in this case.

Q4- Who did these murder?

Ans- Two masked gunmen

Q5- Who are the two mask gunmen?

Ans- Pablo Ibrar nad Seth.

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