Marvel NOW: Amazing Spider-Man Returns With Issue #1

Amazing Spider-Man Marvel Now #1


A "leaked" image of Peter Parker swinging around in his original Amazing Spider-Man blue n' reds has hit the internet, and the rumor mill is buzzing. Could this be the return of Peter Parker? Could the Doctor Octopus Superior Spider-Man run be coming to an end? Who knows? 

Well, Dan Slott, Humberto Ramos, and the execs at Marvel certainly do. Slott returns to pen the new Amazing Spider-Man title, with Ramos' fun, happy-go-lucky stylings on art. The All-New Marvel NOW Amazing Spider-Man starts off with issue #1 later on in 2014.

Hmm...just in time for the movie. Go figure. Pretty sure I been sayin' that since this whole Superior thing started. I do hope Doc Ock returns in his original form in some way or another.

Either way, welcome back Pete.


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