Marvel's Thor Will Be A Woman In October!

In an announcement on ABC's The View this morning, Marvel's new god of thunder will in fact be a woman. The new series will be penned by Jason Aaron and is slated to kick off in Fall 2014. Now, it should be noted that unlike Thor's adopted brother Loki, who physically became a woman during Straczynski's run a few years back (don't ask), this new Thor will not be a gender swap. (That alone probably settled the nausea of more than a few of you)

Marvel has been known for major charcter upheavals in recent years:

* As previously mentioned, Loki (and all the other Asgardian gods) were killed, and Loki returned in the body of a buxom brunette.

* Captain America was killed by the Red Skull (he really wasn't, he was just stuck in time, naturally) and his mantle was taken up by his long-dead-surprise-he's-still-alive partner Bucky, now called The Winter Soldier. (That was a brilliant piece of writing by Ed Brubaker!)

* Most recently, Peter Parker was killed by long-time nenesis Dr.Octopus, only to have Doc Ock then become a far more efficient, ruthless, and all around "superior" Spider-Man! 

So, somehow, in the next few months, Thor will be found unworthy of wielding Mjolnir, and an as-yet-unknown female will take up the hammer.

If you're following current Marvel storylines, like Original Sin, we just found out Thor has a secret sister, also thought long dead! Go figure! That dastardly Odin, in all his Odiny-ness, hid a Tenth Realm within the coinfines of the folds of the universe or some thing -- In a fit of Odin Force rage, The All-Father knocked it completely free of Yggdrasil, because some queen angel bitch who lived there killed his daughter! Cause fuck you, I'm Odin.

Couple this with Image Comics' Angela (of Spawn fame) recently arriving in the Marvel Universe via a rift in the space-time continuum after a massive time travel battle with the living robot Ultron (really, DON'T ASK!) and I think we can all put 2 and 2 together and get 5. We know who's gonna' be under that helmet, don't we! Least thats my guess.

Now we just have to wait and let the story unfold. I actually think this could be pretty cool.




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