Ready? FIGHT! Who Will Win? Thor VS. He-Man


On this week's episode of The Pete's Basement Comic Book Talk show, we asked you who would win an epic battle of Thor vs. He-Man? When it comes down to Princes of an inter-dimensional type kingdom with super-human strength, reflexes, agility and stamina whom posses the power mystical weapons, who reigns supreme? This could be the battle of the ages, and there is a lot to consider.


Thor mantains his immense lifespan by noshing on golden apples from Idunn. His age of SEVERAL MILLENIA gives him the experience from what is probably thousands upon thousands of battles. Thor once battled the Frost Giants for nine months without food or rest. If provoked during battle, he can trance out into Warrior's Madness, which is essentially the Norse version of Wolverines berserker mode, which scares me either way.

Thor's super human abilities include immunity to all Earth diseases, plus such a high resistance to injury that is he is practically invulnerable. With the aid of Mjolnir, he can heal wounds and can even regenerate limbs and organs. Other awesome senses include a seriously heightened hearing which allow him to hear on the other side of the planet, and track objects moving faster than light.

As The God of Thunder, Thor can summon lightning, as well as snow, rain and wind for him to control. With wind he can level or lift buildings. Plus, being the son of the Earth Goddess Gaea/Jord has some perks... he even has some control over the planet!

Thor can fly at supersonic speeds on Earth, and light speeds in space using Mjolnir. HIs hammer gives him all sorts of crazy abilities aside from some already mentioned. It also allows him energy projection and absorption, dimensional travel and matter manipulation. With it, he can also perform the GOD BLAST (which is part of his life force), anti-force, and thermo-blast. Thor also has some resistance to magic, and can toss things out of Earth's atmosphere if he's in the mood. He's even tossed his hammer to Asgard one time, and it came back.


Prince Adam of Eternia gets his He-Man power from magic within Castle Grayskull. This power is summoned with the Power Sword bestowed upon him by the Sorceress of Grayskull. As He-Man, he is known as the strongest man in the universe possessing super human strength, agility, reflexes and stamina. He has once lifted Castle Grayskull, plus mountains and icebergs AND TOSSED THEM. He is noted to be the only man to break Photanium, which is the strongest metal known in his universe.

He-Man has strong injury resistance and invulnerability. He's taken crap from the Ram Stone of Zalasia, a gem whose mystic force could break and destroy any barrier.

However, there have been instances where he has absorbed a lot of damage, he has reverted back into Prince Adam, which would imply that He-Man's power has a limit. This could be why at times, He-Man has preferred to use his genius intellect to outsmart his opponents, or work out a strategy before he has to resort to violence.

In addition, He-Man may also have some type of telepathy as he is able to sense and receieve messages from the Sorceress. He may also be an empath since he can sense his team mates when they are hurt or in danger.

To make up for this power-limit handicap, Battle Cat may help He-Man to even the odds. With the power of Grayskull, He-Man can transform his timid green tiger pet, Cringer, into an armor wearing, fierce tiger that is three times his original size.

I am no expert on either of these characters, but that should give the unfamiliar an idea of what we are dealing with! Based on what you know and have read of these two in comics, or have seen in their official cartoon series, who will kick who's ass the hardest, and who will win?!

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