Supergirl Flies Onto The Small Screen

With DC getting serious with their television series lately with Arrow, The Flash, Gotham, Constantine, and iZombie, it was only a matter of time until they we put one of their female characters forward. With E. Kelly's Wonder Woman pilot fizzling out, DC hasn't seen one of their female characters leading a show since the original Wonder Woman series ended in1979. Sorry, I really don't think Birds of Prey counts. Nope. Nope and Nope.

Rumor has it that Warner Bros. is putting an end to that drought and has producer Greg Berlanti (Arrow and The Flash), Ali Adler (No Ordinary Family), and in some form, Geoff Johns transitioning Supergirl into a TV series. DC is currently trying to pitch the show to various networks, but it is unlikely it will end up on The CW. Will Fox take another one of DC's comic book shows, or will Warner Bros. spread out their properties with another network?

Aside from in cartoon series, fans last saw Supergirl in Smallville as portrayed by Laura Vandervoort. Before that in 1984, Supergirl was on the BIG screen portrayed by Helen Slater. I don't remember much about that movie except it was weird, and I had recorded it on VHS off of the television. I sure did watch it a lot because before that, the only superheroes I had been introduced to by my Dad were all men. Supergirl had a vagina, like me!

There are no shortage of female superheroes in the comic book universe, and yet it is a struggle to see them done right live action. With all the boys playing superhero with all their testosterone driven adventures, it would be nice to see some females womping bad guy ass so girls no longer have to be the damsel in distres during playtime, or fight over who gets to be Black Widow. You don't know how I grew tired of having to be April O'Neil when I played Ninja Turtles with the neighborhood kids. I wanted to be a lady Casey Jones, or a 5th female turtle. I wanted to kick ass, not be saved! If it wasn't for the X-Men cartoon having a lot of females, the girls on my block would be bullied out of their play groups during playtime.

Who could be a better role model to put her face forward than Supergirl? She's associated with Superman and all the good he stands for, she's strong, she's tough, she wears a neat cape, and she soars through the air above it all. She was created way back when by writer Otto Binder and Artist Al Plastino in 1959 and deserves a place in the sun. Where else would a Kryptonian get super charged?

We may not see Supergirl in the immediate future, and no solid production dates have been metioned. Likely, they have not officially cast any characters yet. Who are your picks to slap on the blue and red?




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