Marvel Is Making a Squirrel Girl Ongoing Series... Really!

Writer Ryan North and artist Erica Henderson take on The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl! The lighthearted former Avenger (GLA counts!) and mutant whos mutation gives her very squirrely super powers, such as communicating almost telepathically with her squirrel friends among other abilities.

At first I thought the title was kind of funny, but when I sat and thought about it, she has quite the winning streak. In her first appearance, she defeated Doctor Doom (not a Doombot). From there shes tackled with Deadpool, Wolverine and even Thanos. Thanos detests this loss, and claims she beat one of his clones, but Uatu says otherwise.

Doreen Green has always been a B-character in the background appearing as Luke Cage and Jessica Jones' nanny in the New Avengers after her stint in the Great Lakes Avengers. She has popped up here and there, but in an interesting move by Marvel, she is getting her own comic series.

Squirrel Girl has slowly been introduced into cartoons like  Spider-Man Unlimited and video games such as The Super Hero Squad recently. I was very surprised to be recognized by a little girl in my Squirrel Girl costume this weekend at New York Comic Con! Judging by her excitement, I'd say Doreen is loveable, and well received, so it's no surprise that Marvel is pushing her now that more and more kids are getting into their brand. She's a child friendly female that has beat nearly impossible odds, and we definitely need more comics and stories of positive, wholesome women out there for the younguns.

Many female series never seem to do well, but as a stand alone, humorous title, it should do pretty good. While the stories will be in the regular continuity, it will appeal to newbies and veterans alike.

Variant Cover, drawn by Art Adams

Cover drawn by Erica Henderson.


Look out for Squirrel Girl in a local comic shop near you in January of 2015!




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