Vertigo's Preacher Tonight on AMC

This passed Thursday May 19th, the 92Y in Manhattan had an advanced screening of Preacher followed by a Q&A with the cast, creators and executive producers. I am lucky enough to have a pal who works there, and was able to snag a ticket to this awesome event (it's okay to be jealous). After checking it out, I think fans of Preacher will be pleased with the series!

Based on the Vertigo comic series by Garth Ennis and Steve Dillon, the show definitely captures the vibe of the "anything can happen", fucked up, multi-genre thrill ride.

The first episode introduces you to the main characters and how very damaged and restless they are. This applies to the side characters as well as the main characters. It just wouldn't be Vertigo related if there weren't screwed up individuals all over the place, am I right? With just the little taste of what was given in the first episode, I imagine I will not be disappointed once the REALLY twisted characters start coming in.

Preacher is a supernatural, gothic, western, with a sprinkle of horror and comedy, that still is an emotionally grounded drama on a road trip adventure, and I think a good job was done of melding that all together. I thought Jessie, Tulip and especially Cassidy are really spot on and am going to enjoy future episodes of really getting into their stories. It will not be a spitting image of the comic, however. Some things needed to change to translate well as a series on the small screen. I myself like when things mildly change because having things be too predictable is just no fun.

The choreography in the fight scenes was excellent. Very fun and creative, plus the camera wasnt up the actors asses where you couldn't enjoy it or really see what was going on. I despise that about action sequences nowdays.

Followed by the screening was a Q&A with stars Dominic Cooper (Jesse Custer), Ruth Negga (Tulip) and Joseph Gilgun (Cassidy), creators and executive producers Sam Catlin and Seth Rogen, with co-executive producer and writer Garth Ennis.

Seth Rogan had been a fan of the book for quite a while when a friend of his first showed him the book in what was basically "You have to check this fucked up shit out" kind of thing. Being a fan of Quentin Tarantino, Martin Scorsese, the Cohen brothers, Sam Raimi and early Peter Jackson type of things, Preacher blew his mind, and he was hooked.

Some Preacher Show Facts:

  • The show has been in talks of being made for nearly a decade.
  • Episodes take 7 days to make.
  • Actor Ian Coletti (Arseface) has to drink smoothies on set all day thanks to the makeup and prosthetics.
  • No one knows where Joseph Gilgun ends and Cassidy begins.

Garth Ennis was completely happy with the outcome of the show, and called it "brilliant" wishing that he thought of certain cool parts himself. I have to agree, the first episode was pretty awesome.

On a non-Preacher related note, someone asked Garth Ennis when a creative idea is good enough to run with, or should just be trashed. His answer was if it survives a night of beer, even then, it might just be about finding the right home for it.

Preacher airs TONIGHT Sunday, May 22nd at 10 | 9 central on AMC. Check it out, and let us know what you think whether you are a fan of the book, or are first timer getting in to Preacher from the show!




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