November is Pizza Appreciation Month for Pete's Basement!

From the classic cheese slice, to deep dish or green peppers, there's no wrong way to eat a pizza. November is a time for giving thanks and expressing our gratitude for all the fine people and things in our life. For Pete, that means showing his pizza appreciation by honoring this amazing nom with a fresh slice every day. Cholesterol be damned!

There's multiple ways you can follow Pete's pizza journey. You can like us on Facebook, or follow us on Instagram and Twitter. Admire the warm crust, smothered in saucy goodness covered in it's melty cheese blanket. There's a whole month of pizza ahead, and if you have a pizza suggestion, send it on over.

Mouth watering? No matter which network you prefer, get down on the pizza worship and share your own pizza appreciation by hashtagging your photos #pizzamonth (if you're lazy) and #pizzaappreciationmonth for maximum effort and respect to it's majesty, The Pizza.


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