ReedPop Brings New York Comic Con Online Amidst COVID Closures

With the world still being in defensive mode due to COVID, it's not surprising ReedPop has announced that New York Comic Con will not be settling into The Jacob Javitz Center in Manhattan as they have done for the past fourteen years come October. However, they will be joining forces with their sister event, MCM Comic Con in London to bring us pop-culture freaks and geeks The New York Comic Con Metaverse.

The Metaverse is a new online portal that will be dedicated to delivering virtual comic con experiences October 8-11 to the comfort of your digital device. Which, for many of us, might be the preferred way to experience NYCC. No anxiety trying to maneuver through crowds in sardine-like conditions. No more over-crowded panels or having to pick and choose what you're going to miss while waiting in line to attend a discussion or event. No more nauseating body odor of patrons permeating the convention floor or catching the dreaded Con Cough or Con COVID in this case.

Aside from being able to safely do things like virtually browse Artist Alley, the heartbeat of NYCC, ReedPop is partnering with YouTube to bring the four days of NYCC's content from studios, publishers, and creators. You can also expect publisher and retailer roundtables, networking opportunities across all types of professions, digital CLE courses, and educational opportunities for educators.

The Metaverse website is currently displaying content from ReedPop's first Metaverse event which was held on August 13-16 and merged Emerald City Comic Con, Keystone Comic Con, Florida Supercon, and MCM Comic Con Manchester into one big online event. There was even a virtual cosplay contest! Unlike attending a convention in person, much of the content is still available for viewing. The best way you can stay on top of ReedPop's Metaverse is to subscribe to NYCC on YouTube and enable notifications. 

How do you guys feel about NYCC being online this year? Let us know at It seems pretty interesting, and for the Pete's Basement crew running back and forth with cameras every year for four days straight while sustaining on no sleep and after-parties, I think our body and feets might be looking forward to being able to attend in our pajamas.