Mondo Masters of the Universe He-Man Action Figure Unboxing!

Pete officially fully unboxes his new Mondo Masters of the Universe He-Man 1/6 Scale Action Figure. Mondo is not messing around when it comes to accessories on this one!

The figure features 30 points of articulation, includes power sword, battle axe, sheath, shield, short sword, hand blaster, rifle blaster, Burbie mini figure with stand, six different interchangeable hands, and some elements of the costume in actual fabric. The figure also comes with his regular mug, and the vintage one!

It also has a Skeletor portrait inspired by art in the vintage mini comics for use with the Skeletor 1/6 Scale Figure. This Exclusive version was only available for a limited time, and of course, Pete had to get his hands on it.

This clip is excerpted from the full length Episode 11, Season 12