Back to the Future Jaws 19 Trailer

Happy Back to the Future Day! It's October 21st 2015, and this day will only happen ONCE in all of the lifetimes in all of existence! Unless, of course, you have a time machine, but still.

When Marty McFly arrived in Hill Valley on Oct. 21, 2015, Jaws 19 was playing in the local theater. Who could forget the hologram Jaws advertisement that scared the ever living bejeebus out of Marty as he tumbled into the sidewalk? Classic.

This time.. it's REALLY, REALLY personal.

The concept in the film was a fun poke at how many sequels were coming out in the 80's and how ridiculous they can become sometimes. To take the joke even further, Universal Studios has created a Jaws 19 trailer to get down on the days festivities. Enjoy!




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