What If...Jason David Frank vs. CM Punk in UFC - Pete's Basement Episode 39 Extra!

This is the kind of stuff you'll see when you get the Premium Subscription to Pete's Basement! This is just a quick example of some of the stuff you get in our exclusive Behind The Scenes outtakes. Stuff we don't air on the regular show. Stuff we just bullshit about before we start filming, in between takes, or afterward!

The clip you're about to see comes fresh on the heels of the world-news making announcement that former WWE champion CM Punk will be making his way to the octagon, and the subsequent challenge by ex-Power Ranger, professional mixed Martial Artist, and fan-favorite Jason David Frank. 

In this short clip, the boys weigh in on just how CM Punk might stack up against Jason David Frank in a mixed Martial Arts match, were they to meet in the UFC.