Imperial World Wrestling's Cheat Code Event Fight Card! Logan Black Issues an Open Challenge!



Pete's Basement once again welcomes Imperial World Wrestling co-owner Tommy "Special T" Frazier, and he's brought with him another IWW star, Logan Black!

Tommy gives the fellas the complete rundown of IWW's upcoming event Cheat Code, including the full fight card and special events like the Statement Games Championship and the Imperial Invitational contract signing, which will lead up to the Atlantic Championship match at the next event!

Logan Black issues an Open Challenge to anyone crazy enough to get into the ring with his Apostles of Chaos at Cheat Code!

You don't wanna' miss Imperial World Wrestling's Cheat Code, Saturday November 30th, at Martin Luther High School in Queens, NY! Purchase Tickets.

$20 admission. $25 for front row seats! Pete had a blast at the last IWW event, and this one promises to be even wilder! BE THERE!!!