Coming Soon: Another Harley Quinn Series

In an attempt to completely play out Harley Quinn before the Suicide Squad movie comes out later this year, DC Comics announces another Harley Quinn book. This time in a 6 issue mini series about "Harley Quinn and her Gang of Harleys".

I imagine a conversation between fans or DC creators going something like this:

Fans: Hey, you know what we don't need more of right now? Harley Quinn, she's great but...

DC: WHAT?! Did you say MORE Harley Quinn?? Coming right up! *Regurgitates comic on your lap*

The mini series, out on April 13th, tells the story of Harley's few month old gang dealing with a mission on their own; saving her! Harley Quinn has been kidnapped! Not to mention, all the gangs own peeps are in danger too from a strange new villain who has beef with Ms. Quinn. The gang needs to save the day and find their leader all on their own devices. So in the books defense, it may not have Harley in it much at all, despite the title.

You can find the Harley Quinn Gang monthly in the  Harley Quinn ongoing series. Quinn has hired this rag tag group of assistants to basically help her clean the streets of Brooklyn in her name. She is quite busy you see with her schedule of hospital work, the roller derby, as a building manager, and general Harley Quinning as she tries to have a social life.

I love myself some Harley Quinn. She's funny, fun, stylish and interesting. Unfortunately, when she gets crammed down readers throats at every turn, it tends to get less interesting. I also find that a character who is so complex psychologically with so much potential for unique stories is getting played out with these linear tales that include characters with no depth or creativity. Or worse yet, lame villains. I would get disappointed when they would create completely disposable villains for Catwoman in her ongoing series. I hope that the villain they make for Harley has more depth, and is interesting and reusable.

I have to say, the non-name for the gang is really corny, with even cornier code names. Harley is more creative than that. With names like Harley Queen, Harvey Quinn, Carli Quinn and Harlem Harley (I prefer Harley Harlem myself), it pretty much seems to not give them a chance to have their own identities. I suppose if any of these characters stand out, they will eventually get their own unique names and spin off from the gang. In the meantime, they kind of suck. The Gang of Harley's sounds like it was a working title, and they forgot to change it before the book was printed.

I understand that gangs have a theme, and Harley is silly, but it's Harley overkill, and overly silly. This mini series may be an attempt to separate them from Harley, and dive more into them as diverse, individuals, as the story is them dealing with this on their own without her.

One cool thing is that the group has diversity, with different ethnic groups from different NYC boroughs. Harley Quinn gang is an equal opportunity employer.

It's not that I dont LIKE that she has a gang. Its cool that she has her own group of peeps! That's how she roll. But how necessary is this mini series when they already grace the pages of an ongoing series, and can easily do a story arc there? Most likely you will read the gang activity in the mini series, and what is happening with Harley as she is kidnapped in her on-going series. Was this not possible to accomplish in her ongoing? How fast does this story need to be told that they need to split it into two series at 3.99 a book?

Questions, questions, questions! What direction do you think a Harley Quinn series should go? Should it be fun and care free for the sake of clowning around? Or would you like to see them add a little more seriousness to her? With the Suicide Squad movie coming out, do you think they will eventually start to take her down a dark path again? Will this mini series be worth the 24 dollars? Is it necessary? Or could it have been condensed into the on-going series?

Source: ComicVine



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