Interview with the Creators of Eclipse & Port of Earth - Pete's Basement @ NYCC 2017!



Pete's in Artist Alley talking with Zack Kaplan, Giovanni Timpano, and Vladimir Popov, the creators of Eclipse and Port of Earth

Eclipse was a Basement favorite right from issue 1, where in a post-apocalyptic Earth, it was no longer safe to go out in the sun. A mysterious solar event caused the sun's rays to mercilessly burn you alive in moments, forcing the remaining humans to live in underground cities and only come out at night. 

Hear Zack Kaplan talk about his inspiration behind writing the story and Giovanni Timpano sheds some light on on his art, depicting the detailed backgrounds and the sun as its own character.

Then, Zack and Vlad introduce us to their newest book, Port of Earth, which is due out this week! Aliens come to Earth with a business proposition - to use Earth as something of an interplanetary weigh-station - port-of-call during trade voyages!  Be sure and tune in for our review of the first issue live on Pete's Basement!