Celebrate The Day of The Doctor! Doctor Who 50th Anniversary

For Doctor Who fans everywhere, (aka Whovians for those in the know), November 23rd 2013 is The Day of the Doctor. At 2:50 p.m. ET BBC America airs the longest running sci-fi television show in history's 50th anniversary episode in over 75 countries across the globe. Folks are going to party like its 1999, or 2058 and 1459; or any time really when there's a TARDIS involved.

Alternatively, it can be watched again at 7 p.m. prime time. A Doctor Who 50th anniversary special pre-show will also be available to watch live at 2:30 p.m ET on BBC America's YouTube page with a post-show special following it at 4 p.m.

Around the world fans of the show will be celebrating with sonic screwdriver in hand while enjoying fish sticks and custard. But watching the anniversary on BBC (or online for the cable-less such as myself) in your living room isn't the only place to spend the Doctor's Day. 400 cinemas across the country are screening the 50th anniversary episode in 3D with tickets available through Fandango, plus over 60 cinemas in Canada through Cineplex. You may be lucky enough to live in a "dead" area where tickets are still available to get last minute.

If there are none, you can STILL catch The Day of the Doctor in one of 300 theaters with bonus screenings on Monday, November 25th. I managed to snag tickets for Monday THIS morning! And that's in NYC, so you may get lucky. Check out Fathom Events for tickets in your area. Live outside of the U.S and Canada? Don't fret. Check this out.

The Way Station

But maybe you want something different? Fellow New Yorkers can head on over to The Way Station bar in Brooklyn for an awesome Doctor day. The Way Station is a steam-punk and semi Doctor Who themed bar complete with the familiar big blue phone box (it's the bathroom). There will be Doctor Who drink specials, raffles, giveaways, costume contests, and Doctor Who themed live bands like Time Crash from Chicago, and Time Lord Rock. Festivities are all day starting at 1 p.m, with the show airing at 2:50 p.m!

The owner, Andy Heidel, recruited 4 other bars in the area to help with the crowds that The Way Station is definitely going to have on Saturday. If you can't get yourself in, bars nearby will be airing The Day of the Doctor in their establishments as well.

If you're in Portland, stop by the Fish and Chip Shop and get British-style fish and chips, as the owner is from London. Enter their TARDIS painted door and try something from their Who themed menu. Of course there's fish fingers and custard, plus drink specials and Who-themed giveaways to celebrate this Saturday. The Fish and Chip Shop also has a TARDIS Room calendar of Who trivia and other ongoing events.

Know of any Doctor Who themed bars, restaurants or events in your area? Please share! I'm ready for The Day of the Doctor, are you?

Doctor Who is about a humanoid alien known as a Time-Lord from the planet of Gallifrey and his adventures through space and time. Equipped with his stolen, sentient time traveling spaceship known as the TARDIS (Time and Relative Dimensions in Space), and known as simply "The Doctor", he travels throughout the galaxies making friends, enemies, and saving civilizations all in a day's work.



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