Interview with Mr.Rhee Horror Comic Creator Dirk Manning - Pete's Basement @ NYCC 2017!

Pete talks with Dirk Manning, the creator of the horror comic Nightmare World, the four-volume horror anthology featuring more than fifty stories that span the entirety of the horror genre!

Then there's the spinoff series, Tales of Mr.Rhee, now also in its fourth volume, wherein Hell invades the Earth, and only the magic of Mr.Rhee can stop it! 

Possibly Pete's favorite of Dirk's books, is Then It Was Dark, which details over twenty different paranormal experiences retold by the very people they happened to, and then illustrated by various writers! 
Go gaga over ghost stories? Dig demons? Call Cthulhu collect? There's something here for every horror fan! 

We at Pete's Basement are thrilled to bring you interviews we thought lost from NYCC 2017! After a nasty crashed hard drive, we've managed to recover much of what was once lost, and will be bringing it to you as soon as possible! Enjoy!