Deadpool Spoiler-Filled Review & Stefan Kapicic, The Voice of Colossus Interview!

Pete and Ramon give a SPOILER-FILLED review of Deadpool! So if you haven't seen the movie (for some reason), STOP RIGHT NOW! SAVE THIS WEBPAGE. GO SEE THE FILM! THEN COME BACK AND WATCH THE REVIEW!

Seriously, cause we don't wanna' hear any of you whiny, crybaby assholes yelling about spoilers when you have now been thoroughly warned. We'll wait...

Did you watch the movie? Good. Proceed....

Also in this segment, you'll get a special treat in the form of an exclusive interview with Stefan Kapičić, the voice of the mighty Colossus

So hit the play button, grab some whiskey and a chimichanga, sit back and enjoy.




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