Deadpool Spoofs Recent Saturday Night Live Backstage Rant

Hordes of Deadpool fans recently petitioned to have Ryan Reynolds host Saturday Night Live as our favorite Merc with a Mouth. I mean, how great would that be, right?! While the petition was never responded to by creator and executive producer Lorne Michaels at SNL, Ryan Reynolds responded to fans with a spoof of a recent rant by a "celebrity" backstage at SNL, and it is pretty hilarious.

If you haven't heard the buzz, Reynolds as Deadpool in the above video is making fun of Kanye West. Apparently some changes were made to the disillusioned man-child's stage set-up on SNL briefly before he was scheduled to perform. And such as man-children do, he threw a tantrum babbling on about how influential he is. The only thing that Kanye influences me to do is take a dump. I'd post his original rant, but who cares.




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