THE O.Z. #1 - A Fantasy Classic Reimagined for Comics

Pete talks with David Pepose, the author of Spencer & Locke and Going to the Chapel, about his newest book, The O.Z.! Have you ever wondered what happened to The Land of Oz after Dorothy killed The Wicked Witch and The Wizard up and left? A power vacuum, that's what happened!

See how the denizens of The Emerald City and its surrounding areas are getting long in The Occupied Zone! Watch as war veteran Dorothy Gale gets whisked off in a tornado, just as her grandmother did many years before, and lands right smack in the middle of what she thought for so long were just her grandma's crazy stories.

With a successful Kickstarter campaign still aiming at stretch goals, David is excited to talk about the inspiration to his story, his amazing creative team, and the slew of awesome rewards, including, but not limited to, four eye-grabbing variant covers!

Check out the Kickstarter here: