Interview With Author & Illustrator Dan Henk!

Dan Henk is an accomplished author, illustrator, painter, and tattoo artist. He drops by the Basement to tell Pete and Pete about his three novels, "The Black Seas of Insanity," "Down Highways in the Dark by Demons Driven," and "The End of the World." Accompanying each book is a painted cover and nine interior illustrations by Dan himself. 


Dan takes us through the details of his storyline, beginning in "Black Seas," centering around an ex-military engineer who steals alien technology capable of things he never imagined possible. As the world around him descends into chaos, creatures from beyond the stars descend on our hapless planet. "Down Highways" is a collection of short stories set in the same universe, and in "The End of the World," Dan wraps them all together. 

The boys talk about the harrows every potential writer goes through in finding a publisher, and then on top of that, how difficult it is to find one amenable to an author using their own art for the books!

Of course, what Pete's Basement Show would be complete without some comic talk? Dan tell us about his favorite comics and whose work inspired him most to pursue art.