Constantine Pilot Screening - New York Comic Con 2014

John Constantine fans have been waiting impatiently to love or hate the new series when it comes out, and now there are only two more days until Constantine premieres this Friday on NBC.

Lucky for me, I was able to snag an advanced screening. I was too excited to wait until October 24th, so I hit up the Warner Bros. television screenings at New York Comic Con that were offered Thursday night. I never attended a NYCC screening before, and it was really neat to basically be in a theatre full of fellow geeks.

When the screenings got on the way, they sandwiched the new episode of The 100 in between the second episode of The Flash (it was a surprise) and the Constantine pilot. I can't say that I cared for The 100, and either did the audience. Everyone was hyped after The Flash, just to be brought down by it. We really all were just sucking it up until Constantine came on. Since there were three screenings instead of two now, it made the night go longer. Some people didnt make it, opting to crawl home after an exhausting day of comic conning.

Quitting is for the weak, and I wasn't having it! Not even after 11 hours of being on my feet! I wasn't going to miss the pilot. When the lights went out again, and the last quitter left the theatre, the whole audience clapped, cheered and "woop wooped" for the show intro. Boo yeah!

The first 10 minutes of Constantine had some cheesy effects, but I let it slide. I wasn't here for the theatrics. I needed to know WHICH Constantine they were going to show me; Hellblazer, or New 52.

After watching from start to finish, I can't say that it is too Hellblazer-y or too New 52-y. It does seem to fall somewhere in the middle with a slight lean towards New 52. It definitely wasn't like the movie, so that is probably a relief to many people. I hope they don't make him uber cocky and annoying like he is in the new comics. I dislike how he seems like a stereotypical version of himself.

It seems like John Constantine's personality and the tone of the show could go either way as the series progresses depending on feedback. Although, we probably won't see people having sex with dead dogs while under supernatural influence and other crazy things that happened in the pages of Hellblazer, but who is to say this early in the game?

That stuff aside, I enjoyed the show. The story did not suck, even if the whole "save the girl from demons" thing reminded me of the movie for about 40 seconds. I got over it, because Constantine does that a lot anywho. The show had all the other wordly and supernatural things that I am drawn to. It had demons, talismans, spells and all the juju fixins' with just enough excitement and side stuff to keep me interested. I want to almost compare the show to The Dresden Files with a mixture of Haunted, if that helps, but that is still not a perfect representation.

There are also plenty of easter eggs to look out for if you are a fan, from art work to objects in the background. Some subtle, some not. It was fun to hear the audience at New York Comic Con gasp and stir at certain ones.

Negative feedback? Aside from some cheesy special effects in the beginning, his COAT is driving me crazy. Its so CLEAN and new. It doesnt look worn at all. It gets dirty at some point in the episode, but is crispy clean in the next scene. That coat does not look like it has seen its share of demons and magic. So hopefully, as episodes go on, he looks more like an actual John Constantine, and less like cosplay. The only excuse I have for it, is that he bought a new coat since he just checked out of an insane asylum.

I don't have cable or basic channels, my TV is only for video games. I don't watch much unless it's on Netflix, but since I am really interested in seeing more of this show, I hope that NBC puts the episodes online. Otherwise, anyone want company on Friday nights?


Check out the trailer, if you haven't already!





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